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Richy HAIRFLOW is an easy, fast and fabulous solution that gives you longer and thicker hair on the spot without using any professional help, tools or glue. 

The HAIRFLOW extensions are highly durable and can be used together with heating tools, styling products, washed and reused.

They are available in 2 different lengths: 

  • 40cm / 16”

  • 50cm / 20”

42 Natural Colours & Mixed Colours

Maintaining original color and shine are what we hair and swear by. Richy Hair experiences a special, gentle dyeing process that secures original shine and color within each strand of our Richy Hair Collection. Richy Hair does glamorous hair thoughtfully. 

We stay away from those traditional dyeing methods that make it difficult for color to properly attach to the hair molecules.

Richy entrusts and uses only the best dye process to guarantee all Richy Hair extensions preserve their full body and color.