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richy stickees


Applying Stickees is a swift and gentle procedure that usually takes Richy hair professionals less than 30 minutes. 

As no heat is involved throughout the application, it is perfectly suitable for the most delicate hair, providing it a long lasting glamorous result.

Our medical-grade tape is non allergenic, water and humidity proof and designed for the utmost care of the strands of the hair.


For all of our products we only use the finest ethically sourced European human hair carefully chosen and perfectly composed to ensure a tangle free luxury feel. Our processes are natural and non-toxic to ensure unparalleled strength and natural shine.


Our Stickees comes with adhesive strips (tape). Replacing the Richy the tape itself is simple. We recommend having a certified Richy professional hairstylist to replace the tape by using an alcohol-based solution. The solution will separate the old tape from the extension piece without leaving any sticky residue on the hair or on the extension itself. The procedure is quick and easy and does not require any tools for the removal or application.

After the removal of the old tape, simply apply a new adhesive tape in a matter of seconds, Peel the tape from the sheet provided and apply it directly on the extension where it was previously placed. Our Stickees adhesive strips can be replaced up to 3 times (with proper care).